What we do

We are creators of extraordinary experiences.

We link your wishes with the best experiences in terms of leisure and well-being tour, experiential learning, technological exchange, business opportunity meetings.

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Guided Tours Cities and Villages

Through our tours you can explore famous villages or picturesque places featured in artists’ works over the centuries, as well as learn about the region’s curiosities and secrets.

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business and technological exchange

We organize the ideal roadmap and identify local partners and experts to better target yours interests



Do you value unique experiences and a dip in local culture?
We will be happy to provide an incredible journey.

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Experiential learning

We provide experiential learning tourism for developing activities focused on training leaders and engaged teams.

Want to have a business and tourism experience at the same time?
We are looking forward to create experiences, bold, exciting and innovative!

About us

We are agents of positive transformations.

We work for who wants to learn something deeper in the place where is visiting.

Our mission is to provide

For You:

Unforgettable experiences rich in meaning, knowledge and interaction with the local culture.

For the local community:

Spread the local culture and talents.

  • We understand that a travel experience is far beyond the simple act of traveling.

  • It is also about the stories and connections you will make with the place visited.

  • And make your experience UNIQUE.

  • We have identified local partners in sectors for their best experience and personal learning.

Our Team

Our ideas and concepts are unique and require a specialist approach in executing them on a global scale!

Maria R. Sabino

Chief Executive Officer
PhD in Technology Assessment. Group facilitator. Service Designer Sprint Master. Coach and mentor of innovative leaders.

Sonia Cardoso

Chief Commercial Officer
Personal Stylist and Image Consulant Expert in Luxury lifestyle – collection, Luxury boutique Hotels

The best way to experience what we can do is to experience what we do.
Call us. We are the perfect extension to your team.